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Rodent Management

People love summer. It’s a time for laughter and fun, weekends at the lake, and afternoon barbeques. As it turns out, rodents love summer too. Who knew? You're probably thinking, “Aren’t rodents a fall pest?” They can be. But keep in mind, they don’t take the summer off. They still need to eat. If you're not properly prepared, your home can become their feeding ground.

Though seemingly harmless, rodents have the capability to chew through electrical wiring (creating a fire hazard), nest in insulation (increasing heating and cooling costs), and contaminate food with their urine and fecal matter (causing diseases such as hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis). These are not creatures you want living in your home. Here are some ways to keep them out.

Get rid of prime rodent real estate.

  • Throw out empty cardboard boxes, especially if they are in your yard.

  • Keep firewood 20 feet from your home to keep from drawing rodents in close to your exterior walls.

  • Reduce clutter in your garage, attic and other storage areas.

Seal off paths of entry.

  • Find and fill any cracks, crevices or holes in the foundation and siding around your home.

  • Install a chimney cap.

  • Repair or replace torn door and window screens.

  • Use screens to seal off open vents. 

Remove sources of food.

  • Seeds that fall to the ground from bird feeders can attract rodents. Squirrels will feed directly from the feeder.

  • Keep all food, including animal food, in airtight containers. The smell of pet food brings mice and rats in.

  • Consider avoiding pumpkins and other edible decorations around the holidays.

  • Keep all trash in airtight, gnaw-proof containers.

 If you don't already have rodents living in your home, take these precautions to keep them out. But if you see rodent droppings, chew marks, or a mouse or rat scampering across the floor, it’s time to call a professional. Our experts are waiting to assist you.

 Don’t let rodents use your home as their summer vacation spot. Start protecting your home today. Call for a free inspection.

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