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Mouse Trap in St. Louis

When you think of getting rid of mice in the home you probably imagine a mousetrap with a dangling piece of cheese. But are mousetraps really an effective method to get rid of mice in St. Louis? At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we like to give out helpful advice and happen to know a little bit about mouse control. In fact, we have dealt with many mouse infestations and know what methods work and which ones don’t. So to help you avoid the mess and distress of mousetraps, you may want to read this before setting a trap.


Of course it is important to get rid of mice as quickly as possible. Once you have seen mouse droppings or other signs of a mouse infestation, you know that it is time to get serious about mouse control. And most people naturally turn to mouse traps as a solution. But there are a few different reasons why mousetraps are not a good idea.


  1. Mousetraps don’t always kill the mouse. Sad but true, some traps are designed to kill the mouse caught but fall short of actually accomplishing the act. Disturbing to come across, it also leaves you to finish the job.

  2. They only address a part of the problem. For one thing, mice are prolific breeders and the traps laid out will not be effective in capturing the entire population. Secondly, traps don’t address the source of the problem. No matter how many traps you set up, if you don’t find and fix entry points, you can be sure they will keep coming back.

  3. Operator error. Mousetraps can be a bad choice in mouse control because most people do not know how to correctly use them. Setting a trap in the middle of the room with a piece of cheese is probably not going to trick the mice because they tend to hug the sides of a room when foraging. Setting up a mousetrap in the living room is probably not going to capture the mice that are headed to the kitchen to eat.


So, how can you get rid of mice in St. Louis without all the fuss of mousetraps or potentially dangerous store bought chemicals? Simply contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to learn more about our rodent control services in St. Louis. We are ready to help you eliminate your current infestation and we’ll also help to prevent future mice problems. Rottler offers pest and rodent control in St. LouisColumbia and throughout our Missouri service area.

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