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large white grub in a st louis lawn

If your St. Louis lawn has recently seen wilting grass, brown or drying grass, or damage to sod then your property may be infested with a common lawn pest. Japanese beetles and grubs are known to strike lawns in Mid-Missouri and they certainly leave a path of destruction. If you have ruled out other causes of damage to grass such as pet urine, turf diseases or improper mowing, then read on to discover how you can prevent and control the destruction of Japanese beetles and grubs.

Japanese beetles are the name given to the adult beetles and white grubs are the name for their larvae. The beetles eat the leaves and flowers of many different plants. They eat the tissue between the veins of the plants which leaves them damaged and weakened. The larvae feed on the plant roots and other materials in the soil under grass. The result of both the adult beetles and larvae grubs results in damaged and even dead patches of turf.

Prevent Japanese beetles and grubs

There are various methods that homeowners use to help control and even prevent these lawn pests. Keep in mind that preventative measures alone may not be enough to control Japanese beetles and grubs from taking over, in which case you should contact your St. Louis lawn care professionals for an effective lawn pest treatment. Here are some preventative measures that may help to prevent Japanese beetles and grubs:

  • Instead of plants that attract grubs, consider planting those that they avoid. Ask your St. Louis lawn care professional which plants are best to keep the grubs away.

  • Milky spore disease is a biological method to prevent Japanese beetles and grubs because the bacteria will help to kill of any white grubs. This must be present in the soil before the grubs begin to feed in order for it to be most effective.

  • Interplant species that are known to repel the adult beetles, such as white mums, garlic, citronella, tansy and rue. Again, you may want to talk this over with a professional first.

  • Also, any beetles that you see you can go ahead and pick them off your plants and kill them. Perhaps not the most pleasant method but it will help to control the populations. You could knock the bugs off into soapy water or even get the dust buster out to vacuum them up.

As mentioned before, preventative measures alone may not be enough to ward off the beetles and grubs. Your best bet in controlling lawn pests on your St. Louis or other Mid-Missouri lawn is to contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our experienced team of lawn care professionals will be able to identify which pests are attacking your lawn and landscape and provide safe, effective lawn care treatment so you can enjoy a healthy lawn all summer long!

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