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carpenter ant on a rock

Every fall, ants go into hiding. You can count on it. This is because ants are cold-blooded animals, just like crocodiles. When a crocodile gets cold, it slowly crawls onto a rock to warm itself. When an ant gets cold, it slowly retreats into its underground nest and seals itself off from the cold world above. If it never gets cold enough, ants stay active all year long (ask anyone who lives in South Florida). But carpenter ants are unique among pest ants. They establish their nests in wood. If the wood they choose are warm timbers inside your home, these ants can stay active all year long. That's bad news for you.
While carpenter ants target moist, rotting wood, some species can move to sound, hardwood in a home. This can present a direct threat to the equity of that home as these ants will increase their populations and replicate their nests. Over time, this direct damage can also lead to indirect damage. The stress of weakened structures sinking down and applying pressure or pulling on sound structures can lead to cascading damage.
For more information on how carpenter ants can damage your home, jump over to our article: How Much Damage Can Carpenter Ants Really Do.
So, yes, carpenter ants are still in season in Kansas City. If they find a nice, warm place inside your home, it can be carpenter ant season all year long. That is why it is important to have a year-round solution for these wood-destroying pests.
Residential pest control is more than just something nice that improves your quality of life. Sure, it makes bug and rodent encounters rare, and that is certainly a positive, but it is also essential protection for your health and your property. When you invest in ongoing residential pest control, you'll be paying out less for medical bills and home repairs, and safeguarding the value of your home. You'll also be keeping your keepsakes protected. Carpenter ant control is just one of the many benefits of residential pest control.
If you live in our Missouri service area, reach out and speak with one of our service representatives. They can answer your questions and guide you toward the right program for your home and family. We use eco-friendly and pet-friendly solutions first. And, our track record for keeping Missouri homes pest-free speaks for itself. When it comes to managing pests around your home (so they don't get into your home), you can trust Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. In fact, we guarantee it.

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