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pigeons flocking near a st louis business

Birds are amazing creatures. This is perhaps the most insidious thing about them. We were all children once. We can all relate to the sense of wonder these animals can create in us. You might have even imagined what it would be like to have wings of your own and to fly high above the city. But, this sense of wonder can cause us to let our guard down. If you own a business in St. Louis, you should never let your guard down when it comes to pest birds. Here are a few of the most invasive ways pest birds can affect your business.

  • Bird droppings can cause a slip and fall hazard for customers and employees. If an employee slips, it can result in missed work and worker's compensation. If a customer slips, it can lead to litigation and medical costs. All of which are completely and easily avoidable.

  • It costs time, money, and energy to clean up bird droppings. Over time, the cost of cleaning up bird droppings can really add up.

  • If you have pigeons perching on your building and leaving their droppings on ledges and exterior walls, you have more to worry about than clean up. The droppings from pigeons contain uric acid. This corrosive agent is able to eat through concrete, and damage metals.

  • Bird droppings can also contain human-spread pathogens, like histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and others. This isn't just a threat to your customers; it is an even greater threat to maintenance personnel that must go into confined spaces to clean nests and droppings up. Make sure your employees always wear appropriate protection when dealing with bird feces.

  • When pest birds build nests or leave debris, it can cause gutters and drains to back up and create flooding and roof damage.

  • When pest birds, like starlings, build their nests in electrical boxes, it can create a fire hazard and potentially short out power in your building.

  • Nesting materials can cause machinery to fail. This is especially the case for rooftop air conditioning units, which are prime real estate for pigeons.

  • Birds can also accidentally fly into machinery.

  • On top of all these problems, birds are also a threat to your company's image. When customers see nests, droppings, and bird damage on a building, it lowers their opinion of that company.

So, are birds a problem in St. Louis. Yes. But, they don't have to be a problem for your business. At Rottler, we use the most advanced bird deterrents available in the industry so those birds stay where they belong: in nature. Give us a call and schedule a visit with one of our experienced technicians and start protecting your business from the many problems that come with pest birds.


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