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bed bug next to a dog in st louis

As if it is not enough that we worry about bed bugs in hotel rooms and summer camps, we must also remain vigilant to prevent these pests in our homes and the resulting bed bug bites on family members. There is also a growing concern about how bed bugs effect pets. Don’t be fooled, people are still their favored blood meal but it seems there is a growing trend of pet owners sharing concerns for their furry friends and encounters with these blood sucking insects.

We have learned over the past several years that as bed bugs travel through St. Louis homes, hotels, and other establishments, they do not discriminate. A five star hotel is just as likely to have bed bugs as is the messiest home on the block. So what gives? Is there a reason that bed bugs are now finding our pets as a tasty snack?

Jason Everitt, an entomologist at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions offers some insight on why bed bugs target pets, “With large infestations I think anything (birds, dogs, hamsters, cats, etc…) can carry them. It all depends on the pet resting areas and being exposed. Hungry bed bugs will search out food (blood) in many unusual areas.”  So, as mentioned above, humans are still the number one source of food for bed bugs but your dog, cat or other pets are not exempt.

These insects are great hitchhikers which means they will find a way into your home via your luggage, clothing, and furniture. Once there they tend to infest areas where people congregate however, dog beds and other areas where pets frequent are not off limits as far as bed bugs are concerned.  

Though bites can be uncomfortable and itch, the good news is that there are no diseases associated with bed bugs. Compared to fleas and more so ticks which are common pests to find on pets, bed bugs are a minor threat in terms of health. That said they are not a problem you want in your home or business.  

If you think bed bugs in St. Louis have made their way into your home, then Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help.  Our team of experts in bed bug control are equipped to perform K9 bed bug inspections and heat treatments to not only get rid of the existing bed bug infestation but make sure that they don’t come back. Contact us today to keep yourself and your pets free from the threat of bed bugs!

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