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swarm of ants in st louis missouri

If you are one of the many homes experiencing an ant problem this winter, you are not alone. Typically, ants are a warm weather problem and we don’t start to notice them until spring or summer. However, with this year being milder in temperature, it has caused some ants to remain active throughout the whole year. So what can you do as a homeowner if you are noticing the ants marching through your kitchen? The St. Louis pest control experts at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions have some information on the ants you are spotting this winter.

If you have spotted a trail of ants in your kitchen or bathroom, they are most likely worker ants on a search for food. Because this is not the time of year that ants are typically reproducing, there are often satellite colonies formed which consists of thousands of workers but no queen ant. So although your ant problem is not multiplying, there are still plenty of ants to cause an issue in your home.

Ants found in the home are generally on a mission for food and will consume just about anything they find, so kitchens, and especially those with some crumbs or spills left behind, are most susceptible to an infestation this winter. As the ants begin to locate food sources they leave a trail of their own scent to guide the rest of the workers along. This is the reasoning behind the trail of ants, or ants marching concepts.

Although the first instinct may be to find a can of ant killing spray from the store, this is not a good idea if you want to get to the source of the ant colony. The problem with sprays is that they are only killing the ants out of the colony, not the thousands that remain in the colony. Also, the spray will only deter them from the area that has been sprayed and thus forcing them to make new trails. This will create a much harder task of locating the source of the ant colony. DIY ant treatments can also be harmful to you and your family if not used properly, so it is best avoid them.

If you are worried about ants or other household pests in your home, contact your local Missouri pest control company for a residential pest control protection service. Rather than waiting for more ants to come into your home on a hunt for food, you can get the entire colony taken care of with expert ant control. If you are worried about ants in St. Louis, Columbia, or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, and would like more information on ants and protecting your home, please contact Rottler today!

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