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Answers For Raccoon Control in St. Louis


If you own a home or business in St. Louis and have had raccoon problems, you know what a frustration this animal can be. Here are a few of the problems you can have with a raccoon on your property, and some tips on how to deal with them.

  • They can get into your feedstock, pet food, bird food, and trash cans.
  • They tear up your lawn as they dig for grubs and beetles.
  • They break into attic spaces, garages, sheds, barns, stables, outbuildings, and harbor under porches and decks.
  • If cornered or protecting its young, a raccoon can be dangerous. This animal is capable of becoming aggressive if they feel that they or their offspring are in danger.
  • If this animal has rabies, it is not only unpredictable, it can transmit this disease through its bite. The CDC rates this animal as the number one source of rabies bites in the United States.
  • Raccoons can carry ticks, fleas, lice and mites. If they get into your home, they are able to spread these parasites.
  • Raccoon feces can accumulate and cause a nasty odor, as well as spread pathogens, and promote roundworm infections in the infesting raccoon.
  • This animal gets in through vent covers, louvers, windows, and broken areas.
  • It can carry the following human spread diseases: Chagas disease, leptospirosis, and tularemia.

Tips for keeping raccoons out of your St. Louis home or business.

  • Secure trash can lids with a bungee cord if you have been having trouble with raccoons getting into your trash. Always put cans in a place where they cannot be tipped over.
  • If you have a food source in your yard, keep it well protected.
  • Bring pet food inside at night.
  • If you have fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit.
  • Keeping a raccoon out is like keeping a human burglar out. Secure all your windows and doors.

Every home and business is different. Partner with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to learn exclusion methods that are specific to your St. Louis property. We are a trusted name in pest control and will remove wildlife humanely, seal up entry points, and clean infected areas. So before you find yourself in the midst of raccoon drama, be sure to give them us a call!

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