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ace certified entomologist

Most pest control companies seek to attain a level of professionalism that exceeds the minimum standards required in order to operate a pest control business in the state of Missouri. Many companies will send their employees to seminars on pest control, and some even make sure that their staff is state certified. But here at Rottler, we believe that being the best at pest control requires more than an understanding of pest control procedures. To achieve excellence in pest control, it is important to understand the science of entomology (a branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects). When you understand the habits, habitats, and processes of the creatures you are trying to control, you aren't limited to pest control procedures that were developed by someone else. You're able to chart new territory, and create methods no one else has thought to try yet. That is what true excellence is all about.

Our employees agree. That is why many of them have sought to achieve certification through the Entomological Society of America; and this month we're proud to recognize the achievements of Heath W. Kern and Steven Thomas Sides, Jr., for passing their Associate Certified Entomologists exams. Heath and Steve join Steve Bopp, Jeff Schnelting, Steve Dueker, Dennis Vogelsang, Jason Everitt, Ed Mulkey, Mike Williams, Chris Evans, and Steve Sides Sr. as certified Associate Entomologists, bringing the total Rottler employees with this certification to TEN! Congratulations on a job well done.

When you need professional pest control, you can always trust the Rottler team. At every level of our organization, there is an emphasis on professionalism and education. That is why we are confident when we say that you will always receive the most advanced treatment options and the most effective pest management available in Missouri, or anywhere. It is our dedication to be more than professionals. Sure, we have nice trucks with pretty logos on the sides, but these things don't keep your home safe from the damaging problems insects can cause. And, protecting you, your family, and your property is our primary goal.

We are confident that Heath and Steven will use their education to help our team continue to develop cutting edge pest control services for our customers here in Missouri, and we are excited to see where they will help our company go in 2016 and beyond.


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