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Amazing Advancements in Attic And Wall Insulation

What comes to mind when you think of attic insulation? Do you think of sheets of fiberglass tacked inside your attic walls and floor? Most people do. Because fiberglass insulation is cheap and effective at making your home resistant to heat transfer. But, is it the best insulation available? The answer might surprise you.

We would like you to consider another option for the insulation of your home. Stranger still--we'd like you to consider it, even if you already have fiberglass insulation. Why? Because modern insulation isn't just about insulating your home.

With InCide® Attic Insulation, you get more than just thermal efficient insulation for your home. Here are some of the other benefits it can offer.

Pest Protection: With InCide® Attic Insulation, pests will be the first to feel the impact. This insulation can kill some insects on contact and other pests when ingested. If you're tired of having cockroaches, silverfish and other pests invading your home via your wall voids and attic spaces, this home improvement will be an immediate benefit to you.

Flame Retardant: One of the most devastating things that can happen to a family is to have a home burn down. During a fire, InCide® Insulation can help slow or stop the spread of fire without any harmful off-gassing. This will give the fire department the precious time it needs to get to your home and put the fire out. Even better, this fire protection is permanent and lasts for the life of the structure.

Mold Resistant: InCide® Insulation is created to prevent mold and mildew germination. It meets fungus resistance standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and is produced with a fungicide registered with the EPA. Ask anyone who has ever had a mold problem, they will tell you it is a nightmare. It shouldn’t be your nightmare.

Pest, fire and mold resistance aren't the only benefits of this insulation. The pneumatic application of InCide® Insulation creates a blanket of interlocking fibers that acts as a barrier for heat and cold transfer. What does this mean? Lower heating costs in the winter and lower cooling costs in the summer--even if you already have fiberglass insulation. With InCide® Insulation, you'll have lower energy bills and solid protection against three of the biggest dangers you'll deal with in your home. Not to mention that it is odorless and does not causing itching as with some traditional types of insulation.

Live healthier. Live better. Get InCide® Insulation blown on top of your current insulation and start reaping all the benefits of state-of-the-art insulation. Get started today, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for a free attic inspection.

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