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Scary spiders

Before you let that spider freak you out, take a moment to read through this quick article and learn the skinny on poisonous spiders. You may be surprised to find out that those scary little spiders aren't as scary as you thought.

There are over 3,600 species of spider in the United States and all of them are poisonous. Did that send a chill down your spine? It does, for most people. And, for good reason. Stumbling across the wrong spider at the wrong time could send you to the hospital. But if you understand how spiders think, they won't scare you so much.

All spiders are predatory insects. That means they live to hunt their prey and kill it with their poisons. You're probably thinking, "Is that supposed to make me feel less scared?" Well, the good news is, you aren't their prey. Spiders eat bugs, and, the last time I checked, you're not a bug. Spiders kill insects for protein. They'd do the same to you if they could wrap you up in their webs. But they can't. So, they're not interested in you. Not even a little bit.

Okay, so why do they bite people? If you think spiders freak you out, think how freaked out you make them feel when you put on a sweater they've been quietly hanging out in for a while. These are tiny creatures. When you slip your giant body into bed with them, you're gonna get bit.

You don't have to worry about most spiders. The average spider bite isn't much worse than a mosquito bite. But, if you accidentally come in contact with a black widow or brown recluse, you might be looking at some misery. These two spiders have potent poisons and the ability to inject them into you. Here is a quick list of ways you can avoid a hospital visit.

  • Look in your footwear before putting your feet in.

  • Shake out sheets and towels before you use them.

  • Wear gloves if you plan on flipping rocks or wood over in your yard.

  • Shake out any clothing before wearing, especially if it has been on the floor.

  •  Inspect your bed before you slide into it.

  • Be cautious when going through a box that has been in the attic or a secluded place.

  • If you see spider webs that are low to the floor and appear like a tangled mess, call a pest control professional.

If you practice these safety measures, you can avoid a painful and sickening bite. But, if you don't want to have to think about checking for spiders every second of every day, consider getting a pest control company to treat your home for spiders.

In most cases, spiders are no big deal. But it only takes one incident to create a memory you can live without. Stay safe and get protection.

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