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bed bugs in a st louis hotel room

With the holiday season quickly approaching there is about to be a major increase in traveling. This means that hotels, inns and other commercial lodgings in St. Louis and beyond need to be prepared for the incoming guests. And its not just getting the rooms ready and the breakfast buffet set but also it is crucial that your business is prepared with a bed bug response plan in the event that a room becomes infested with bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations can happen very easily when there are a lot of people traveling in and out of taxis, airports, airplanes and hotels. No matter how clean the rooms may be, if a guest brings in a bed bug on their clothing or luggage, your business could be in trouble. Not only do bed bug infestations cause a major panic, but often times the business’s image and reputation suffers.

So to prevent such issues as well as potential litigation and remediation costs, the St. Louis bug bug control experts at Rottler suggest that your business creates and implements an effective bed bug response plan. A response plan includes complete details as to what to do in the event that a bed bug problem occurs.

If an employee spots bed bugs, who do they alert?
Do all employees know how to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation?
Does your business have a relationship with a pest control company?
How about a lawyer who has worked with cases of bed bug infestations?
Do you have preventative bed bug control such as inspections and treatments?

These are all components that need to go into your detailed bed bug response plan. And although it will take some extra work now, you will be glad you took the time when one of your guests happens to bring in bed bugs this holiday season. With a well thought out plan, your business can quickly and discreetly get rid of bed bugs before they become a major threat to your image and reputation.

For hotels in St. Louis as well as other travel hot spots, Rottler is ready to help you develop your company’s bed bug response plan; we also offer K-9 bed bug inspections in St. Louis as well as eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments and other bed bug control. Our team of pest professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assist your company with all its pest control needs and to ensure that your business enjoys the upcoming holiday season, bed bug free!

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