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You've heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Well, these are the Seven "Tips" of Christmas. There are many woes that can befall the avid holiday decorator because we decorators take risks to give our homes that special Christmas glow. Like the song says, it is important to make the season bright. That is where Christmas cheer comes from. Here are seven tips to keep you safe for Christmas morning.

  1. Never work alone. If you're doing a lot of outside decorating, have someone with you. It's good to have a second pair of hands and a second pair of eyes. Santa's little helper can hold the ladder for you so you don't fall and break your holiday tailbone. And their little elf eyes can let you know if you're about to electrocute yourself. Remember, even Santa has helpers.

  2. Electrical hazards. Bad lighting can be a fire and electrocution hazard. Always check your wires for damage before stringing them up. Mice can chew on wires that have been stored in boxes, and damage can occur when putting wires away. The last thing you need is people roasting chestnuts over your house.

  3. Get the right tree. If you get an artificial tree, find one that is flame retardant. All trees can be a fire hazard during the Christmas season, even fake ones. If you plan on having a real tree, be sure to check the needles. If t hey are brittle and fall out when you touch them, get a different tree. It only takes a small spark to set a dry tree on fire.

  4. If you have pets, be sure to secure your tree. Cats and dogs are notorious for knocking trees over. Put your tree in a corner, if feasible, or put some type of barrier around the base so that it can't tip and fall into a hazard, like a fireplace.

  5. Tree placement. Where you place your tree is as important as what kind of tree you get. Keep your tree at least three feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, candles, vents, radiators, or lights (not Christmas lights, obviously).

  6. Outside lighting. If you're stringing lights up outside, make sure they have a label from an independent testing laboratory and are labeled for outside use. Inside lights are dangerous when used outside.

  7. Hire some elves. Outside decorating can take a lot of work and t here are many things that can go wrong. Whether you're looking to make the nicest display on your street or putting up something simple, consider hiring a decorating company like Rottler. They'll do all the work and make sure your home is safe. The last thing you want is to use up all your patience before your mother-in-law comes over. Even if you like your mother-in-law, Christmas is always brighter when someone else untangles 500 feet of Christmas lights and scales your house in the bitter cold. Try it this Christmas. It might become your new Christmas tradition.

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