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couple decorating their christmas tree

Are you ready to make the season bright? Have you already planned where you're going to get the tree and where you're going to place it? Well, as you get ready to deck those halls, here are six holiday decorating tips that will keep you safe.

TIP #1: A wet tree, is a safe tree.

When you bring that Christmas tree in, be sure to keep it watered. When trees get dry, they become a fire hazard for your home, especially if you put a dozen ropes of lights on your tree--like I do. Set your phone to remind you to water your tree every day. If you have an artificial tree, look for "Fire Resistant" on the label.

TIP #2: Check your wires.

Even a watered tree can catch on fire because it is covered in ornaments--some of which are flammable. Check your light wiring to make sure nothing has gotten pinched or frayed. Exposed wires can create a spark, and where there is a spark, there can be fire.

TIP #3: Outside lighting.

When putting lights on the outside of your home, make sure your extension cords are rated for the intended usage. Check the labels on your lights to be sure that they are certified for outdoor use. And be careful to not put lights on a metallic tree. Damaged lights can charge the tree and make the tree an electrocution hazard.

TIP #4: Get help.

Have someone help you string your lights. It is always good to have a second set of hands and a second set of eyes. They can also hold the ladder for you so it doesn't shift. The last thing you want is a broken hip for Christmas.

TIP #5: Decorations.

In a home with pets and children, be sure to use decorations that aren't breakable. Animals tend to get into trees, and broken decorations can leave dangerous shards on the floor. When decorating outside be sure to use gloves when handling spun glass "angel hair" to avoid eye and skin irritation. And always follow container directions carefully. Artificial snow sprays can cause lung irritation.

TIP #6: Consider getting someone to do it for you.

Rottler has a decorating service that will make your home look like a million dollars for Christmas. Let them climb the ladders in the cold and deal with all those tangled wires while you sit inside sipping on cocoa. You can choose how much or how little you want to decorate. With a decorating service you'll know that your home will be safe from fire, and your hip will be safe from fracture. Contact Rottler today to learn more about our Christmas decorating services!

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