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5 Tips To Prevent Fleas This Summer

If you suffered from a flea infestation last summer then you are probably starting to panic that we are once again entering the season in which fleas can take over our home’s and leave us and our pets feeling miserable from flea bites. Not only are fleas very hard to get rid of but they also can transmit diseases which makes them more of a concern when infesting homes throughout St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri areas.


Not sure how to prevent fleas from taking over your home? Our St. Louis pest control specialists are here to help with these 5 flea prevention tips:

  1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. To make sure that fleas are not laying eggs in your carpet or furniture, we recommend regularly vacuuming the home. And not just a quick run over of the middle of the room but a wall to wall, including the furniture, thorough vacuum. Make sure to discard the bag if you believe your home has fleas!
  2. Keep pets up to date on flea treatments. It is important to keep your furry family members up to date on their flea treatments from the local veterinarian’s office. Often times, the store bought flea treatments are less effective and can still result in your home being overrun by jumping, biting fleas. Not to mention, they could cause problems for your pets.
  3. Bathe your pets regularly. Giving your pets regular baths is another great way to help reduce the threat of flea infestations in your home. There are many over the counter flea shampoos and even some home remedies that you can research to help further prevent a flea infestation via your pet.
  4. Wash your bedding and pet bedding. Aside from vacuuming, making sure that your bedding is regularly washed is another great way to reduce the threat of fleas. Wash your bedding and pet’s bedding in hot, soapy water and be sure to run through the dryer to make sure that any flea eggs or live fleas are killed.
  5. Sign up for year round pest control services. While the above prevention tips are a great supplement, the best way to really combat fleas in your home this summer is with Rottler’s Signature Pest Protection.

If fleas have found their way inside of your Missouri home, please contact Rottler right away! Our St. Louis exterminators are prepared to help you get rid of fleas and return your home to a pest free state throughout the summer and the entire year. Keep in mind that flea infestations can happen regardless of whether or not you own a pet. Everyone can benefit from flea control!

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