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Lawn Care Tips For St. Louis Homeowners

Summer weather is here which means it is time to start your summer lawn care routine if you have not already. When the sun begins to shine and the heat takes over, you may find that your lawn requires some extra TLC. In order to keep your St. Louis property looking healthy and vibrant throughout the summer season, here are 5 summer lawn care tips from the St. Louis lawn care professionals at Rottler.


1. Don’t forget to feed your lawn - Lawns should be fertilized in the spring and early summer but for some types of grass, mainly warm weather grass like Bermuda grass, you may need to fertilize again in the late summer so that your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs. Need help? Contact our St. Louis lawn care pros!

2. Mow your lawn frequently - Grass should ideally be mowed more frequently and at a higher mower setting. Many experts will recommend keeping grass at least three inches tall to reduce the chance of weeds taking root and also to help keep your lawn better hydrated.

3. Keep the grass hydrated - We recommend a good watering but less frequently. You want the water to soak deep into the grass roots for optimal health. Also, it is best to water early in the morning so that the grass has all day to dry and the water can really soak in.

4. Get ahead of lawn pests now - Moles as well as many other lawn pests can lead to serious damages to your lawn and landscaping. Whether it is moles digging tunnels and uprooting grass and trees, or grubs and other bugs eating plants, lawn pests should be taken care of right away. Ask us about our mole control program as well as our summer lawn care services which include insect control!

5. Prevent property damages - Summer storms can be tough and when the wind blows and rain pours, you want to make sure that you do not have any tree limbs that could be of danger. It is best to trim tree limbs and bushes now to get rid of any weak pieces that could cause problems later. And as an added benefit, by trimming back trees and bushes along the side of your home, you will also reduce the threat of pests getting inside!


If you would like help maintaining a healthy lawn in St. Louis, Columbia or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, please contact Rottler today to learn more about our year round lawn care services. Our lawn care services include protection from lawn pests, fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub care, even mosquito control! Whatever your property needs, Rottler is here to help. Call us today to schedule your FREE lawn analysis!

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