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5-Star Bed Bugs


Professional sports can regularly dominate and capture the attention of the American people and the news media. Sports is a multi-billion-dollar business and a major source of entertainment. Skilled players are sought after and scrutinized from the time they leave high school and enter college. Colleges and Universities strive hard to be the one to “land” the gifted player. Professional scouts follow them through their entire career with the future of the player often being determined by the draft.

Contract negotiations soon follow and the highly talented players become millionaires overnight. Many things are taken into consideration and staying healthy and injury free is of vital importance due to the team needing the skilled player giving 100% in every game. Doctors, physical therapists and body trainers devote their time to keeping the sports star in optimal condition. However, even after all the care and safety nets are in place, turned ankles, pulled hamstrings and other accidents can happen. Sicknesses like a silly flu bug can interrupt their production during games and cause a team to lose games.

Perhaps the one totally unexpected interruption for which no one was prepared is—not the flu bug—but the tiny little bed bug. Professional teams spend their entire season traveling from city to city, utilizing airlines and buses and staying in 5-star hotels. In addition to maintaining a healthy and well-conditioned body, all sports players must have plenty of rest. Fatigue is very real and extremely taxing on the body and the mind. This goes for all professional sports figures. None of them can afford to go onto the floor or field tired and not fully alert.

Consider the player who has prepared, studied films of the opposing team, gone through all the drills, ate properly and is mentally ready to win tomorrow’s game. The team travels to another city, gets off the plane, gets bused to a 5-star hotel and prepares for a much needed night of uninterrupted sleep. Then the unexpected happens. The star player awakens at 2:00 in the morning only to find that he is not alone in his bed. Sharing his pillow with him are a half dozen little tiny bed bugs. The itching begins…the rest of the night is spent on the couch…and morning finds our star player exhausted and itching with an aching back and a stressful mind that causes him to have to leave the game early.

It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent traveler, vacationer, CEO of a leading company, or a professional ball player. Bed bugs can be found absolutely anywhere there are people…even 5-star hotels. A thorough inspection of your hotel room and mattress is a must for all travelers. Learn to identify bed bugs and where they are found. In the event of any sign of bed bug occupancy, immediately go to the front desk and insist on a different room on a different floor. Take care of your body, get your much needed sleep, and “don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

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