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5 Major Wildlife Threats Missouri Residents Should Prepare For This Fall


In nature, animals find hiding places during the winter. They may choose a deep crack in the side of a cliff wall. They may burrow a hole deep into the ground. They may use a log or a hollowed-out tree. Wherever they hide, they'll use the natural insulation of the landscape and the warmth of other animals to make it through the cold winter months. But, when they come across a man-made structure and discover warmth, they're inclined to leave those natural hiding spaces behind. Here are 5 nuisance wildlife that can become a major pest for Missouri residents and some tips for keeping them out this fall.

Overwintering Pests

What animals can you expect to invade your home this fall? It's the usual lineup of offenders: bats, chipmunks, opossums, raccoons, and moles. Most of these are animals that can get into your home. Bats will get into eaves and work their way into gaps that form between a chimney stack and the exterior wall of a home. Chipmunks don't prefer to live inside our homes but they can invade if they've established themselves under a porch, deck, stairwell, or some other external structure. Opossums will usually create a den underneath external structures, like those chipmunks, but they can also enter attics and garages if they find an entry point, such as a broken window.

Raccoons can scale homes or jump onto roof lines from tree branches and enter an attic space by opening a window with their dexterous fingers. Moles don't enter homes but they can be a problem when they burrow into a yard and create a den underneath an external structure.

Proactive Pest Control

Now is the time to be thinking about these animals and all of the many ways they can get into your Missouri home. Do a detailed inspection of your walls and foundations, sealing any entry points you find. Check door sweeps, weather stripping, window and door frames, and make sure they're all intact and in good, working condition. Lock 2nd and 3rd story windows to keep resourceful raccoons out. Fill in gaps between your chimney and your outside wall, if you have a chimney.

Now is also the time to enlist the assistance of a wildlife control specialist. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our wildlife-control technicians are trained to handle a wide range of pests from attic-invading pests to ground-dwelling moles. Our team of professionals also have the skill set to seal entry points and protect potential harborage locations.

For assistance with wildlife management in Missouri get started by setting up a free, no-obligation pest inspection. We'll help you keep wildlife in the wild, where they belong.

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