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man seeding his st louis lawn

Fall is just around the corner so now is the time to get your fall lawn care planning underway.  If you are eager to take on your lawn this fall as a do-it-yourselfer then you want to make sure that you have all the information that you need. Lawn care changes a lot from summer to fall so it is good to know what to expect and how to best care for your lawn.

Fall lawn care is essential to keep your lawn healthy through the winter and for the following spring. It may seem way too early think about the spring when the fall has just barely begun but you will have a lot less work to do next year if you care for your lawn now. From the St. Louis lawn care pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, here are the top 5 DIY lawn care tips for the fall season:

  1. Continue to cut grass but only down to 2 inches as the shortest height to prevent killing the grass.

  2. Watering can be minimized but make sure the lawn gets about an inch of water each week via rain or hose.

  3. You can fertilize the lawn once this fall but it will stop taking in the nutrients soon to prepare for the winter and snow.

  4. Overseeding of the lawn will help to fill in areas where the grass may not have fared well through the heat of the summer.

  5. Aeration of the lawn will allow the last bit of nutrients to soak into the deep grass roots before the winter.

You may find these tasks no problem at all but for those who are short on extra time or who just don’t have the energy to maintain their St. Louis lawn, then no need to worry. Leave the worries to the lawn care experts at Rottler who can easily maintain your lawn this fall and prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter. You will be glad you took the extra care this fall so that next spring you are pleasantly surprised by a healthy, lush lawn when the ice and snow finally melts away!

To learn more about our lawn care services for St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri locations, simply contact us today at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

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