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About Bed Bugs In St. Louis

We often talk about bed bug basics like what bed bugs look like, how to get rid of bed bugs, etc., but there are actually many interesting, and perhaps slightly disturbing, facts about bed bugs. They are not just these pests that we find in hotel rooms that leave us with itchy bites and crawling skin. Bed bugs are a complex critter and their behaviors and habits are what make them a hard pest to get rid of. To help stay bed bug savvy, our St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions would like to share four things that you may not have known about bed bugs.


#1 Bed bugs do not always live in beds - We know that they find us in our beds at night in order to get a blood meal but bed bugs do not always live in our beds. In fact, most of the time (especially during the day) if you try to inspect your mattress and sheets for live bed bugs, you will not find them! There are however some signs of bed bugs that will help you in your future inspections. But for the most part, bed bugs stay well hidden during the day, often dwelling in cracks and crevices in the walls, behind furniture or embedded in upholstered furniture.


#2 Bed bugs have been found in all 50 states - Even if your city is not listed on the top 50 bed bug infested cities, it does not mean you are in the clear. All 50 states have seen bed bug infestations in homes and businesses so no one is exempt from the potential of a bed bug infestation. It’s all about learning how to avoid bed bugs when traveling, or going back to school, or devising a bed bug response plan if you are a business.


#3 They can survive many months without food - These sneaky little pests are not only hard to find but they can also live for months without taking a blood meal. What this means is that even if you are not seeing signs of bed bugs or waking to bed bug bites, your home could still be infested! One way to help reduce the threat of a bed bug infestation is to get rid of clutter which allows these insects to stay hidden. Also, make sure to ask about K9 bed bug inspections for the quick and accurate detection of whether or not your home or business is housing these nuisance pests.


#4 Bed bugs are smarter than you think - They know that during the day they need to stay hidden and they know how to stay inconspicuous at night. Bed bugs wait until they sense human’s breathing out carbon dioxide at night, crawl onto the skin and get a blood meal. Furthermore, their saliva is like an anesthetic so that you do not wake up startled from feeling a bite in your skin. Some people don’t even have a reaction to bed bug bites at all!


To learn more about bed bug control in St. Louis and for Mid-Missouri communities please contact Rottler today! Our trained bed bug exterminators are fully equipped to handle even the worst bed bug infestations with our K9 bed bug inspections as well as St. Louis bed bug heat treatments. Before bed bugs have a chance to bite, give us a call!

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