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home in st louis with holiday lighting by rottler

Whether your family decorates the home well before Thanksgiving or a bit closer to Christmas Eve, it is time to at least consider what your indoor holiday decorations are going to entail. People often accumulate decorations over the years and then open a random bin marked “Holidays” and start to throw things around. But to help organize the decoration process and create a warm, cozy home for the holiday season, the experts in St. Louis holiday and Christmas decorating would like to share some tips.  

  1. Pick a theme and stick with it. When it comes to decorating there are so many ideas out there (thanks Pinterest) and while you may be eager to explore every single theme that you have admired online, it is actually a much better idea to pick one theme and keep it throughout the home. Designers suggest choosing 3 colors as your main colors and then keeping the same idea throughout the home to create a more uniformed look.

  2. Let the scents take over. Cinnamon, pumpkin, cedar, pine, there are so many wonderful smells during the holidays. We suggest letting your home be taken over by scent to really give it that holiday feel. Candles are a great way to achieve this, also potpourri and heck, maybe even baking some cookies right before guests arrive!

  3. Create a holiday layout. Since the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones you may want to think about your current layout. Rearrange your furniture in a way that is inviting for conversation like facing couches toward each other or creating a circle or cube of seating. This way guests will feel more comfortable and cozy during your holiday gatherings.

There you have it, 3 tips to create a warm and cozy home for the holidays. Now that you have taken care of the inside, let our holiday decorating team at Rottler take care of the outside. Holiday lighting and decorating in St. Louis is one of our specialities. We have licensed and insured staff who will create the holiday lighting display of your dreams. For more information or to schedule your decorating services now before spaces fill, please contact us today!

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