How Dangerous Are Raccoons?

raccoon sneaking onto st louis property

We have a lot of wildlife pests in our St. Louis service area, everything from fluffy, adorable chipmunks to not so adorable snakes. But, the cuteness of a wild animal is not necessarily an indication of how safe it is. Raccoons are a prime example. They're fluffy, they're curious, and they have a wide-eyed stare that may have you thinking that these animals are too innocent to ever do anything wrong. But they do lots of wrong things when they come into your yard. They tip over your trash… Continue

Wildlife Problems You Want To Avoid

raccoon and skunk getting into trash

When there is a familiar nip in the air, and the leaves start to turn beautiful, we know that winter is on the way here in Missouri. But we aren't the only ones who know. All those wild creatures that live outside also know it, and they begin scrambling to make preparations. Some dig deeper burrows. Some begin "squirreling away" nuts for the winter. Others eat to put on a fat layer in preparation for the long winter sleep they will undergo. But some, when food supplies are low and temperatures… Continue

Fall Pest Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Use

Are winter pests a yearly frustration for you? Do you find silverfish crawling around in your bathroom, boxelder bugs piling up on your window sills, and rodents chewing their way into your home? Will the cute little chipmunks find themselves no longer content to scamper along your fence and scurry up your trees? Will they be scampering in your attic spaces and scurrying up through your wall voids? When it starts getting cold, bugs and wildlife are going to look for a place to hide from the… Continue

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