Keep Occasional Invaders Out This Fall

stink but in st. louis

There are lots of bugs that can get into our house all year long. They are the bugs that are able to find food inside man-made structures. That food may be the food we eat, like pantry items or the remnants left on dishes. It can also be the food rotting in our trash cans. They come in to feed on the wood in the framing of our homes. They feed on our furniture, our wallpaper, our clothing, and other items that belong to us. Continue

How St. Louis Homes Are Preventing Stink Bugs

stink bug found in a st louis home

Are you familiar with the brown marmorated stink bug yet? Its speckled brown coloring and shield shape are quite distinctive. You'll find them crawling on your exterior walls, clinging to your screens, and creeping in your curtains when the air begins to chill. That is because these bugs, that normally plague farmers and their crops, know that burrowing into your home is their best chance of surviving the winter.  Continue

Stink Bug Prevention Tips

Fall pest control can be a challenge, as there are many pests looking to get into your home during this time of year. Fall pests need to escape the cooler weather or they will die; in order to do this, they look to enter homes through the cracks and crevices they can find along the exterior. One of the pests that has recently become a problem in Missouri is the brown marmorated stink bug. Continue

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