How Are Squirrels Getting Into My Home?

squirrel near home

If you're hearing bumping, thumping, scraping, and other strange noises coming from your attic, it can make you wonder what's up there, and how it got there. But, when you're standing outside of your home and you watch a squirrel enter in through a small hole in your roofline, fascia, or soffit, it leaves little doubt about either. Let's take a look at this and other ways squirrels can get into your home and, more importantly, how they do it. Continue

How Dangerous Can A Squirrel Really Be?

squirrel up close

There are some pests we can look at and instantly determine that they are a threat. If you're seeing yellow jackets crawling around on your home, you know those insects need to go. If a skunk scurries across your lawn and disappears under your porch, no one has to tell you that skunks stink to have around. You know. But, there are some pests we actually encourage to be in our yards. Squirrels are one of them. Continue

Pests Are Still Pests After Labor Day

Labor Day is past, and now is a time to enjoy the last fleeting days of summer. Perhaps you have one last barbeque planned, maybe a couple more trips to the lake, or a family camping trip. If you are like most people, you may be thinking that insects and other pests are only a problem during the hot summer months. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Pests continue to be pests long after Labor Day, and some of them even get worse. Continue

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