Are Black Widows As Dangerous As Their Name Would Suggest?

black widow spider in st. charles

For many people, the mention of black widow spiders causes panic and fear. But, if you've lived in St. Charles for a while, then you know that the reputation of these arachnids far surpasses the actual threat. Here are a few things everyone should know about black widows. Continue

Spider Prevention Tips That Every St. Louis Resident Should Know

house spider in basement

"Everybody loves a good spider!" is a saying that no one says. Ever. Because, although there certainly are a few good people out there who really do love spiders, the large majority of the population are happy to live without them. Continue

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Active During The Winter?

brown recluse spider

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the behavior of spiders in the winter. In the context of pest control, there is even more confusion. When it comes to assessing the threat of brown recluse spiders, it is best to remove all confusion. These spiders can inflict a bite with necrotic properties and are linked to many cases of disfigurement. While all bites from brown recluse spiders do not lead to necrosis, it is best to not have any of this type of spider in your home. Here is what you… Continue

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