How to Tell if a Rodent Has Gotten Into Your Home

rodent chewing a wire

One of the best ways to tell if there is a rodent in your home is by the noises they can make in your walls. While that bumping and scratching might be annoying, it leaves little doubt that you have a rodent problem. But rodents don't always make noise in the walls. Continue

Winter Rodent Problems to Be Aware of in Kansas City

rodent on wooden floor

A rodent infestation can pop up out of nowhere. One day, you don't have rodents, the next day, you do. But, when an infestation begins, you may not even know it. Most commensal rodents are very quiet as they go about their activities inside your home. Continue

Rodent Awareness Week Is Coming Up

It's that time of year again! No, not pumpkin spice season, although it has certainly taken over, we are actually talking about rodent season. To help you get ready for rodent season we have provided this infographic to explain some of the deatails every homeowner should know. Continue

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