Top 5 Ways Rodents Get Into Your St. Louis Home

mouse found in st. louis home

It is no secret that rodents can be a problem here in St. Louis. And, if you're dealing with mice or rats right now, you may be wondering how on Earth they're getting in. Don't worry. You're not alone. These furry little invaders are pretty clever. Here are a few ways rodents may be doing the reverse Houdini on you. Continue

Oh The Mice Of St. Louis...

mouse foraging inside home

Just like every other city, town, and borough in America, St. Louis has mice. These pests have become used to depending on people to provide them their basic needs, and what better place to find people than in St. Louis? Continue

With Weather Getting Colder Pests Are Looking For New Homes

mouse near st louis home

There is no denying it, the weather is changing here in St. Louis, we know it and pests know it as well. These pests will start seeking out warmer places to stay this winter. Rodents like mice and rats are prime examples of pests that seek out warmer shelter during the winter months unless you take preventative measure to keep them out that is. Continue

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