5 Major Wildlife Threats Missouri Residents Should Prepare for This Fall

racoon in leaves

In nature, animals find hiding places during the winter. They may choose a deep crack in the side of a cliff wall. They may burrow a hole deep into the ground. They may use a log or a hollowed-out tree. Wherever they hide, they'll use the natural insulation of the landscape and the warmth of other animals to make it through the cold winter months. But, when they come across a man-made structure and discover warmth, they're inclined to leave those natural hiding spaces behind. Continue

Why You Should Never Approach A Raccoon

raccoon and babies in st. louis mo

Although raccoons are fascinating creatures and fun to watch in the wild, they can be dangerous, if conditions are right. Let's take a look at some of the dangers raccoons could present when they come into your yard and why it is never a good idea to take matters into your own hands. Continue

How Dangerous Are Raccoons?

raccoon sneaking onto st louis property

We have a lot of wildlife pests in our St. Louis service area, everything from fluffy, adorable chipmunks to not so adorable snakes. But, the cuteness of a wild animal is not necessarily an indication of how safe it is. Raccoons are a prime example. They're fluffy, they're curious, and they have a wide-eyed stare that may have you thinking that these animals are too innocent to ever do anything wrong. But they do lots of wrong things when they come into your yard. They tip over your trash… Continue

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