Common Raccoon Problems in St. Louis

raccoon in st. louis driveway

Raccoons are cute. They have cute faces, cute markings, and cute babies; but raccoons can cause a lot of trouble at your home. Never forget that they are wild animals, which means you should steer clear and not attempt to control them without professional help. When raccoons show up at your home, they can cause a number of problems. Here are the top 5 common raccoon problems in St. Louis. Continue

Raccoons: Cute But Dangerous

raccoon in st. louis

I don’t think that there is any denying that, as far as looks are concerned, raccoons are near the top of the cute list. I mean, those tiny little fingers that can grip a scrap of bread or a discarded piece of fruit and hold it to their tiny little mouths for a nibble. And how about the way they chew. Isn’t it the cutest? Oh, and how about those cute little-masked faces! Have you ever seen anything more adorable? If aggravation or danger were based on looks – well, you would… Continue

Nuisance Wildlife, Cold Weather Pests Can Be So Annoying

raccoons getting into a trash can

You know the ones! You go out to take a walk in the crisp night air, and there they are rummaging through your trash, spreading it all over the place. It takes a minute for your heart to stop pounding and the tingles to leave the top of your head once you realize that you have come face to face with a raccoon. Secretly, you are some thankful that it wasn’t a skunk; but nonetheless, you could have done without being startled. Continue

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