Fall Pest Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Use

Are winter pests a yearly frustration for you? Do you find silverfish crawling around in your bathroom, boxelder bugs piling up on your window sills, and rodents chewing their way into your home? Will the cute little chipmunks find themselves no longer content to scamper along your fence and scurry up your trees? Will they be scampering in your attic spaces and scurrying up through your wall voids? When it starts getting cold, bugs and wildlife are going to look for a place to hide from the… Continue

Keep Occasional Invaders Out This Fall

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There are lots of bugs that can get into our house all year long. They are the bugs that are able to find food inside man-made structures. That food may be the food we eat, like pantry items or the remnants left on dishes. It can also be the food rotting in our trash cans. They come in to feed on the wood in the framing of our homes. They feed on our furniture, our wallpaper, our clothing, and other items that belong to us. Continue

Tips To Protect Your Pets From Pests

Do you have a furry family member? If so, you are probably aware that your pets can be the target of pests, and there is a good chance you've already taken steps to protect them. But, what you may not know is just how much of a threat pests can be. Some bugs can spread diseases to your pet, like Lyme disease. Some bugs carry secondary pests, like parasites and worms. Roundworm, which affects both dogs and cats, is a treatable issue that can lead to death if not treated. Here are 5 of the most… Continue

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