Prevention for Fall Nuisance Pests in Illinois and Missouri

boxelder bugs around window

There is something magical that happens in the fall… No, we're not talking about the leaves turning color and falling to the ground. We're talking about the magical way pests get into our homes. Why do we say magical? Continue

Why St. Louis Business Owners Turn to Rottler for Fall Pest Protection

restaurant ready for customers

We have many pests that can threaten our businesses. They damage our property, scare our customers, contaminate our foods, frustrate our employees, and create a nightmare when it is time for a government audit Continue

Keeping Flies Out of Your Kansas City Home and Kitchen

fruit fly eating fruit

Flies are one of the hardest pests to keep out of our homes—because of their ability to fly. But not all flies are going to fly into your home. Some of them are carried in. Continue

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