Do Moles Hibernate In Winter?

mole up close

Let's talk about moles. No, not the beauty mark kind that is considered pretty on the face of a pretty girl, but the animal kind that can make your yard look less than pretty if it is allowed to set up housekeeping underneath your property. Moles are destructive creatures that feed on grubs, insects, and earthworms (which are good for your soil). To do this, they tunnel underneath the ground, which damages lawns and landscapes. Continue

What Do Moles Like To Eat

mole digging tunnel

There are many pests that can invade your yard and damage your landscaping and lawn, but none do the job as perfectly as the mole. Moles are insectivores, choosing to feed on mostly insects. They are commonly confused with rodents like mice and voles. Moles are generally around 6-8 inches long; they have soft brown to dark gray fur and long snouts that protrude about an inch. The most distinguishing feature of moles, however, is their oversized front feet that have paddle shaped hands and large… Continue

The Competition No One Talks About

mole control technician placing trap

You strategically place sprinklers around your property and put them on a timer to come on at just the right times of the day. Your neighbor down the street is out every day carefully watering his lush green lawn. You carefully trim the edges of your yard and mow with precise regularity. Your neighbor follows suit. You spend hard-earned money on mulch and flowers and pretty ornamentals. Your neighbor? The same! It seems like there is no winning this battle--until, one day, he goes on vacation… Continue

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