Mice Are Not As Cute As The Cartoons

mouse found in st. louis home

Picture this scene. Christmas lights strung all around the room. Twinkling tree in front of the big picture window. Pine garland strung along the top of the fireplace. It is nighttime, everything is still, and then enters a tiny little mouse named Jingles. How many stories do you know that feature darling cartoon mice who save the day? Well, we are here to tell you that, this is all well and good for cartoons, but in reality, mice at Christmas time is not a happy story. Continue

One Mouse, Two Mouse, Three Mouse, More

mouse found in a st. louis home

When the weather begins to turn nippy, mice begin to look for a nice cozy place to spend the long winter months. And they are not picky. If they can get into a shack with a warm fireplace, they will go there. If they can get into the wall voids of the local greasy spoon restaurant, they will gladly move in. If they can get into the attic of a grand estate, they will quickly set up housekeeping. Mice don't care where they establish their nests, as long as it is warm and there is access to the… Continue

Oh The Mice Of St. Louis...

mouse foraging inside home

Just like every other city, town, and borough in America, St. Louis has mice. These pests have become used to depending on people to provide them their basic needs, and what better place to find people than in St. Louis? Continue

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