Why Mice Problems In Ashland Homes Won’t Go Away On Their Own

mouse on cup

Have you ever seen one of those shows that pit man against nature? Well, men don't have anything on mice. Mice do quite well in the wild. But, if given the choice between struggling to find food, water, and shelter in the wild or having a nice cozy place to live, men and mice will both chose the nice cozy place every time. That is why mice problems in our Ashland homes don't go away on their own. Continue

Rodent Awareness Week Is Coming Up

It's that time of year again! No, not pumpkin spice season, although it has certainly taken over, we are actually talking about rodent season. To help you get ready for rodent season we have provided this infographic to explain some of the deatails every homeowner should know. Continue

What Can I Do About These Mice?

mouse found in wentzville home

Imagine you have moved into a new home. It is a sweet place to live. It is warm, it is cozy, and it has all the amenities for you to thrive and be comfortable. But then spring comes along and the weather turns pleasant and inviting. Would you then decide to pack up all your things and move outside? If you would say no to this question, then you may know how mice feel. If mice have established nests inside your Wentzville home, why would they pack up and leave when the temperatures start to rise?… Continue

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