How Aeration Helps St. Louis Lawns

If you're not familiar with what aeration is or why it is helpful for your lawn, don't worry; you're not alone. Aeration is one of those things that can easily fly under the radar. That's because it happens under the ground. Continue

Three Ways To Have A Pest-Free Lawn

groundhog near st. louis home

Don't you wish sometimes that you could put a sign on your lawn that says, "Free Pests," and have people come and take those pests away? It works for slightly used furniture. The problem is, no one wants lawn pests, not even the cute furry ones like woodchucks and groundhogs. Lawn pests chew on turfgrass, from the very tip all the way down to the root structure, and turn a beautiful green lawn into patches of dead brown grass, mounds of dirt, and raised tunnels. But, there are a few things you… Continue

How Are Your Trees And Shrubs Doing?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just buy the trees and shrubs we want, put them where we want, and just enjoy them? Sadly, it isn't that simple. Those plants need tender loving care. Sometimes a lot of it. And, unless you have an education in horticulture, this can be a serious challenge. Continue

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