It's The Most Frustrating Time Of The Year

guy trying to untangle lights

Up the ladder. Down the ladder. Up the ladder. Staple. Staple. Down the ladder. Untangle. Pull. Shiver. Up the ladder. Staple. Does this sound familiar? How about—Flip the switch and nothing happens? Has that happened to you? Not only is it difficult to put up Christmas lights, a lot can go wrong Continue

Don't Struggle With Christmas Lights This Year

man tangled in lights

Do you have family traditions? Are there things you look forward to doing with your family each Christmas? Do you pack your family into the car and go to a Christmas tree farm to select a tree and cut it down yourself? Do you get bundled up and go out to sing Christmas carols at the nursing home? Do you bake Christmas cookies with your kids and take them with you to hand out to family and friends? There are lots of Christmas traditions we take part in. While the ones mentioned above are pretty… Continue

Why Struggle With Christmas Lights

home decorated in christmas lights

Do you love the twinkle of Christmas? Do you enjoy the glow of the holidays? Well, that glow doesn't happen all by itself, does it? It takes hours of complicated work. You have to go up into the attic, drag the boxes down, hope that all of the lights were put away neatly and, if they weren't, spend hours untangling the mess. Once that's done, you'll be getting out the ladder and going around your entire home foot by foot, climbing and stapling as you go. This will be followed by a moment of… Continue

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