Why Choose Rottler For Pest Control In St. Louis

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Here in St. Louis, there are few things better than this time of year. The Cardinals are back on the mound, the Blues are heading to the playoffs and we are finally through the bitter cold winter. Even the rain can’t bring us down. The downside of all this warm and wet weather is that it is enticing for pests to get into our homes. No matter where you live the last thing you want to do is share your home with insects or rodents. The good news is that there can be relief from ants, mice and… Continue

Fall Pest Proofing Tips For Missouri Homeowners

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Every home is different, and no two houses get exactly the same pests. But one thing is certain for all Missouri homeowners, when fall comes, the critters are going to start looking for a way in. Whether you deal with mice, spiders, stink bugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, skunks or bats, it doesn't matter. Many pest proofing methods protect against all these pests.  Continue

St. Louis Wood Destroying Pests And How To Prevent Them

carpenter ant in a st louis home

There are many types of pests that can invade your St. Louis home, especially in the spring. This is the time of year when insects and other pests are becoming active again after being less active during the cold winter season. Wood destroying pests can be particularly dangerous to have in and around your home. Continue

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