What to Do If Bed Bugs Invaded Your Fenton Home Over the Holidays

bed bug on a bed

If bed bugs invaded your Fenton home during the holidays, the infestation could be reaching new heights by this time. An infestation usually begins with bed bug nymphs or a batch of eggs that hatch into nymphs. Continue

Holiday Bed Bug Prevention for Fenton Homeowners

bed bug up close

You've probably heard of bed bugs by now. There is hardly a news outlet across the country that hasn't done a feature on them. Since the turn of the century, these blood-eating insects have made a startling resurgence in the United States. Continue

Fall Bed Bug Prevention for Ashland MO Homes

bed bug on cotton

We're into fall and all the kids are back at school. You know what that means. It means more time spent bringing kids to practices or attending games. It means helping with science projects or building a set for the school play. It also means more opportunity for bed bugs to spread from home to home. Continue

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