Can you kill a bed bug with a hair dryer?

hair dryer

Can you kill a bed bug with a hair dryer? It might seem like an odd question to you but it’s one that we hear quite often. You see, most people have heard how effective heat is in killing bed bugs. This often leads them to take a look around their home to see what heating devices they might already own that could help them get rid of bed bugs. If you’ve found yourself thinking along these same lines, please hold off on taking your hair dryer and going to war… Continue

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Going Back To College

mother and daughter making bed in dorm room

Summer is coming to a close. That means kids will be heading back to college. If this is the season of life you're in, and you'll be watching one or more of your kids head back to live in the dormitory on campus, here are some tips that will help them lower their risk of being a victim of bed bugs. Continue

Bed Bug Awareness Week

bed bug crawling in bed

When someone says, "I don't know if you're aware, but…," what usually comes next? That's right. Something bad that you should know about. That is why the National Pest Management Association established Bed Bug Awareness Week, which is scheduled for June 4-10 in 2017. Continue

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