Are You Ready For Summer Ants?

family having fun during summer

There are many reasons to love summer in Springfield. Ants aren't one of them. In fact, ants aren't seven of them. Here are seven species of ant you can expect to see on your Springfield property and in your Springfield home this summer. Continue

Most Common Ants To Invade Ashland Homes During Spring

carpenter ant up close

Have you noticed that it is getting nicer outside? Well, if you've noticed, you can bet the ants around your home have noticed it too. The warm weather of spring brings ants back to life--not that they were dead but--during the winter, ants become dormant. It isn't, however, a hibernating sleep that is run by a biological clock. As soon as it warms up, ants get busy. And they're getting busy right now. That is why it is important to learn a little bit about those ants now, before they start… Continue

Time For The Ashland Ants To Start Marching In

carpenter ant found in ashland home

If the song was true, and ants only came marching in one by one, or two by two, or even ten by ten, then ant season (aka springtime) wouldn't be so bad. But, the truth is, sometimes ants come marching in by the hundreds or, if you're really unlucky, the thousands. That is when destructive ants, or simply nuisance ants, become a real problem. Continue

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