Why Ant Problems in Columbia Aren’t Going Away on Their Own

ants on a bowl

Have you seen some ants crawling around in your kitchen? If you have, you may be disappointed to know that those ants are probably not going to go away unless you do something about them. Continue

Best Ant Prevention Strategies for Chesterfield Homes

carpenter ant up close in chesterfield

The world is filled with ants. In fact, current estimates predict that there are more than 12,000 of them. That figure will vary greatly, depending on who you ask, but everyone can agree that there are a lot of ants in the world! Continue

Why Summer Carpenter Ant Infestations Require Professional Pest Control

carpenter ant in nixa

More spiders and beetles are invading our gardens. And more ants are appearing everywhere, on sidewalks, in driveways, on decks and porches, even inside our homes. And while all ants can cause problems, and possibly bring health issues with them, there is one type of ant that is head and shoulders above the rest (quite literally) when it comes to damaging homes. We are talking about those destructive carpenter ants. Continue

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