Tips To Avoid Bringing Ants Home From Your Picnic

ants on food

It is picnic season again, and there are many ways we find to add a picnic to our outdoor activities. When we go camping, we make a fire and have hotdogs, s'mores, and marshmallows. When we go to the beach, we cook cheeseburgers on the charcoal grill and bring some chips, potato salad, and other goodies to go with them. When we visit our friends, we often find ourselves firing up the gas grill and eating outside. Continue

The Ants Come Marching One By One

carpenter ant on piece of wood

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but he forgot to inform the ants of this. With thousands of species of ant worldwide, there are generally only four species that are bothersome here in St. Louis; and they are definitely on the move. After spending the past few months tucked away, these pests are antsy (pardon the pun) and ready to begin their spring rituals. Continue

Acrobat Ant Prevention

acrobat ant on piece of wood

There are many reasons to want to correct an acrobat ant problem. The most obvious reason is that these ants can sting if they feel threatened. While bites from acrobat ants are not anything that will have you rushing to the hospital, they can be unpleasant. The less obvious reason to get that ant problem treated is that these are moisture pests. If you have an acrobat ant infestation, it is likely that you also have a moisture issue that could be causing the wood of your home to rot. Here are… Continue

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