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meet the rottler bed bug team

Meet Our Bed Bug Teams

Jennifer White

JenniferJennifer has over 14 years of experience in animal-related career fields, including veterinary medical technology, pet boarding and animal research. She completed 3 years at the University of Illinois in Companion Animal Sciences and has a degree in Business Administration. Additionally, Jennifer has been involved in dog rescue for more than 12 years. She has run her own rescue for 2 years in order to further help stray and puppy mill dogs in our area. Through her work experience as well as many classes and seminars, Jennifer has learned much about canine behavior.

Brennan Stover

brennan stoverBrennan has an extensive background in law enforcement and investigations. He previously served as a K-9 Officer for a Sheriff's department in a rural area patrolling more than 500 square miles. His experience as a professional canine handler provided him with extensive training in canine behavior and habits, obedience training, and scent detection. In addition, he has obtained a vast knowledge of experience in areas such as police canine tactical operations, man trailing, and offender apprehension. This knowledge afforded him with many opportunities to work and train with the best professional canine handlers in the nation. Prior to working with professional dogs, Brennan owned and trained many different breeds and has also participated in fostering programs and placement of homeless dogs.

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