You shouldn’t have to spend your summer battling ants. Nonetheless, many people do and it feels like they are fighting a losing battle. It starts in the spring when pavement ants or even carpenter ants find their way indoors. These ants start wandering around your home in search of something good to eat. If there is food out on counter tops, or pet food out in bowls, you are probably inadvertently feeding these ants. Eventually you will start noticing ants everywhere! In or under your kitchen sink, in food cupboards and pantries, they can be anywhere. Obviously not a great scenario! To win the battle of the ants, here are some helpful tips to limit ant problems within your home.

crack in foundation

Tip #1: Found out where ants are getting in

Fill in or mend these possible entry points to keep more ants from getting into your home. They can be found coming in through:

  • Foundation cracks

  • Gaps in exterior walls

  • Holes in window screens

  • Gaps around doors and windows


Tip #2: Eliminate hiding spots

Cut back vegetation, tree branches and move wood piles or other debris from directly around the exterior of your home. Ants and other pests take refuge in these areas and if they are right up against your home, ants will be more likely to find a way into your home.

lady cleaning ktichen

Tip #3: Remove the food sources that ants are looking for

This can be done by doing a deep clean in your kitchen, under the sink and in the pantry to get rid of crumbs and spills that ants might find. Make sure that any unprotected food in your cupboards is stored in hard plastic or glass containers with tight fitting lids. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink for extended periods of time and clean out sink drains often.


Tip #4: Reduce moisture

Ants need moist environments to survive and if you have a very humid home, or there is dampness near sinks (or underneath them), you may find ants happily roaming around. Eliminate moisture and you can reduce the ant population within your home.


Partner With A Pest Control Company For Best Results

Following these tips can help reduce ant problems in your home, but they may not eliminate the bugs entirely. If you do start to see that ants could be a problem in your home, enlist the help of a pest control professional to provide year round pest prevention services. This proactive form of pest control will bring pest professionals into your homeregularly to identify possible pest problems that you may be facing. The pros will offer tips to modify the environment as well as perform specific treatments to tackle pest problems before they even show up.

For more information on how to battle ants with professional ant control services and to schedule an appointment, contact the pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today.

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